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Tarot Card Reader

Tarot cards foretell a symbolic depiction of your life. Their powers have been harnessed for thousands of years to predict the future, identify conflicts, and find ways to mitigate life’s problems before they could even take shape. In a standard deck of tarot cards, there are 22 major Arcana and 56 minor Arcana cards; the former is responsible for revealing the major events of your life, and the latter for unraveling your day-to-day life. My profound experience in reading and interpreting tarot cards can come to your aid as well by empowering you with better knowledge of your life’s course and yourself. A lot of times, our knowledge about our life remains within our grasp, yet deeply unconscious. The tarot is an instrument to reveal that wisdom into the light.


Reiki Healing

Reiki is a healing technique based on the fact that it is possible to heal someone by means of touch. With compassionate touch, it is possible to orient and reorient someone’s reservoir of positive and negative energy to attain balance and tranquility. Reiki, in essence, activates the fountain of natural rejuvenation in one’s body and mind, aligning the person to the Universal Life Force Energy. By doing Reiki, you can become the best version of yourself and make the most of the world around you by channeling your energy effectively. Often we use the metaphysical properties of crystals to facilitate Reiki healing.

Distance Reiki Healing

Dr. Triparna Sarkar specializes in distance reiki, in which, over a phone call or video call sessions, she can orient your vibrations to the positive. She excels at transforming all that negative energy, such as worries, anxieties, suspicions, as well as physical ailments like chronic diseases, into the positive state of your body and mind. In distance reiki, no physical contact is necessary. Some of the applications of distance reiki are:

Healing chronic diseases.




Support during surgery or post-surgery recovery.




Support to students during examination or for studies.


Job interview.


For development of positive attitude.




Concentration and focus.

Relationship problems.

Healing of situation to become favorable.


To get rid of negative energy influences.


Angel Therapy

So many angelic beings haunt the air. And we have not the slightest idea how these otherworldly beings pull strings in your life, both during the good times and the bad times. We believe it is possible to heal a vast range of mental and physical ailments by directly establishing communications with angels. However, the presence of an experienced angel therapist is a must in order to establish communication with the beings that govern every facet of our lives. This is where we come in; our veteran experience in angel therapy can cure your health ailments with a guarantee.

Angel Healing

Everyone has their own guardian angel. But very few truly consider summoning the power of their guardian angels to make the most of their lives. In angel healing, an individual’s angel guides are summoned to bring positivity, enlightenment, and blessings that are bestowed upon the recipient for their ultimate good. In the supersensible world, distance does not pose any obstacles; the division between near and far crumbles apart, and all that remains is the deep connection between oneself and their guardian angel. The angel healer deploys a number of techniques, including crystal healing and candle flame healing, to adjust the vibrations so that one can make a deep connection with their guardian angel and receive boons from the latter.


Numerology studies the subtle ways numbers can reveal quite a lot about ourselves. The numbers in your birth date, letters of your name, and other significant dates, when interpreted under the light of numerology, reveal your life’s roadmap, destiny, and even the fortuitous events awaiting you at the coming bend of your life. Our experienced numerologist can decipher even the most enigmatic texts of your life and can reveal your destiny just by studying the numbers you associate most with. It has been scientifically proved that numbers harbor many of our unconscious secrets. Hence, delving deep into the realm of numbers can help you achieve inner peace and tranquillity of mind while providing you with effective solutions for your life’s problems. For instance, let’s say you run a business and suffering profound losses recently. An experienced numerologist can analyze the name of your company and find therein the source of all of your maladies. In turn, they can suggest you a more fitting name that accords well with your numerical system.

Chakra Healing

Chakra is a word in the Sanskrit language that denotes wheels or circles. According to ancient wisdom, we have seven important chakras of energies, each one with its distinct aura and color pervading our body. Chakra healing is the art of cleansing these seven most important Chakras of your body. Our chakras are known to govern our mood, emotions, and even health. With time, these chakras start to disorient and become dysfunctional, thereby impeding your progress in your life. However, when the chakras are cleansed under the guidance of an experienced healer, they can reinvigorate your body and mind like never before while gifting you fulfillment in both social and professional life.

Face Reading

Your face is a canvas that tells a unique story, and our skilled practitioner adeptly interprets its nuances to reveal your personality traits, strengths, and potential challenges. Through the ancient art of face reading, discover a new dimension of self-awareness and understanding. Our expert face readers analyze facial features, expressions, and contours to provide a comprehensive analysis tailored to you. Whether seeking personal growth, improved relationships, or career guidance, face reading offers a fresh perspective. Uncover the hidden messages your face holds and embark on a journey of self-discovery. Elevate your life by booking a face-reading session today and gain valuable knowledge that empowers your path forward.

Cord Cutting

Do you find it difficult to extricate yourself from a traumatic past or from toxic people in your life? Does your past still haunt you in your waking life and nightmares? And you can’t cut yourself off from certain people, circumstances, and history. Don’t feel helpless: our expert clairvoyant can help you let go of unfavorable past and influences through an elaborate cord-cutting ceremony. Cord-cutting is essentially a specialized ritual designed to free you from the fetters of a difficult and encumbering past. Cords of energy are invisible strands that still shackle us to past thoughts and emotions. However, the hopeful news is that it is possible to sever the negative cords with ritualistic arrangements. Attend a cord-cutting session and free yourself from the past today.