About Me

Triparna Sarkar was born and brought up in Kolkata and later became the founder of Divine Angel. She had a spiritual revelation at a very young age, and thus, she has been bequeathed a strong spiritual sense and the ability to connect with the supersensible world from very early onward in her childhood. She is a virtuoso of tarot reading and interpretation and is equally capable of solving conflicts with the help of tarot. Her connection with the netherworld has gifted her a third eye and paved the path of her life through the rosy porch of positivity and harmony. This is how she became a pioneering and certified tarot reader and spiritual healer in Kolkata. She also specializes in other spiritual services, such as black magic removal, numerology, psychic healing, and being a life coach. Moreover, clairvoyant practices like Pranic Healing, Angel Therapy, Angel Card Reading, Face Reading, and Spell Casting also fall within the realm of her acumen. People seek her services to heal the scars of their minds and even physical illnesses through her capability to connect with the otherworld. She compassionately helps her clients who are in ardent need of her services to solve issues regarding wealth, marriage, reconciliations, career, love, break-up, and myriad other complications that pose insurmountable difficulties in someone’s life. Her remedies are effective, easy, and result-driven. If you want to rediscover yourself and shine in your life evening all the odds, book a session with her today!